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When Antonio* was drowning, it finally came time to save myself first

The Ultimate Customer Service Story

A client of mine had invited me to a company event at her family farm as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to all of her employees and vendors for all their hard work.

Prior to the event, I was on Facebook and noticed that someone had posted instructions about what to do when someone is drowning. The first thing the post said was that a drowning person will panic and may actually drown you in the process of you trying to help them.

I shook my head ‘yes’ because I knew from personal experience that a drowning person could possibly drown you.

One summer, when I was eight years old, I took swimming lessons with two of my older brothers. Although the class was advanced, there was no way I was going to fail and let my brothers make fun of me. I intended to tread water for the full five minutes so I could pass the darn test!

During the last half-hour of our final class, we reviewed life-saving procedures. I can still feel my damp bathing suit clinging to my skin as I sat on the cold tile. The dummy they used for the life-saving exercises really freaked me out and I thought, ‘I am not putting my mouth on the lips of that thing.’ But I knew the information was important, and a part of me thought, ‘hey pay attention to this.’ Less than two months later, I would find out whether I had paid attention enough.

While on vacation, our family had checked into the Pine Motel in Bar Harbor, Maine. The pool had just been cleaned but the rope hadn’t been put back which marked where the shallow part ended and the deep part began, and it had an immediate drop-off. After settling in, the family got in the pool to play after being in the car all day.

I dove off the diving board, swam to the side, got out, got back on the diving board and dove off again. I did this over and over again. I was just about to dive again – I could feel it was going to be an awesome dive – when something caught my eye. I thought it was my brother Tom doing something weird. Of course, to me, my brother Tom was always doing something weird.

That’s when I realized he was drowning because he was still underwater and I could see he was struggling to breathe. I dove in and swam right for him. When I reached him, I grabbed him under the arms and started pulling him towards the side of the pool. He repeatedly pulled me under but I was able to get him to the side of the pool only to realize it wasn’t my older brother Tom but my younger three year old brother Pat. Pat had been bopping around on his toes in the shallow end and had accidentally slipped off the drop-off ledge into the deeper water.

Reading that Facebook post brought back all the memories of that incident. I remembered the struggle to stay above water and save my brother; part of me was relieved I would never have to go through that again. Yet, another part of me thought, ‘hey, pay attention to this.’

I changed my plans three times, and decided to go out early on Friday afternoon and follow my client and two of her employees to the farm. Everyone else would be arriving the following day. I told a friend that morning, “I don’t know why but I feel like I am supposed to go early today.”


My client’s farm was not just farm land. It was acres and acres of land with woods, pastures, and lakes. There was a dining hall, a big cabin, and a house, all beautifully situated in the woods.

Side by side were two pristine private lakes, one 25 acres, the other 50.

After a tour of the place, we went into the dining hall to get a snack to eat.  Antonio, one of the employees, couldn’t wait to get into the water despite the fact that his mother had told him to stay away from it. He was so excited and had assured my client that he knew how to swim. While we were eating, I turned to him, looked him in the eye and said, “You know, there are no life guards here.” He told me no problem.

Twenty minutes later, I was standing at the water’s edge on the white sandy beach of the larger lake.

The sky was clear blue. The temperature was just right. The slight breeze welcomed me and kissed my cheeks. The water felt so good. It was so clear and refreshing. I put my hands on my hips, breathed in and thought, ‘So this is what wealth feels like. This must be why I am here today.’ I stood there, breathing in all the amazing beauty and feelings of wealth.

Then Ali, Antonio’s co-worker, appeared. He stood tentatively on the beach away from the water. I said to him, “Ali, you don’t have your bathing suit on.” He replied, “I am afraid of the water.” I took notice of his answer.

Antonio came bounding over to the beach in his bathing suit. He had the biggest grin. He was all ready to go. He smiled at us, gave two thumbs up, ran full speed into the water, took a flying dive and out into it he went. I only saw his face for a brief moment. He was over his head, panicked, and in an instant, he was drowning, disappearing just below the surface of the water. Because it happened so fast I thought they were playing a joke on me, but the urgency of Ali screaming, “He’s drowning!” made me realized it was no joke.

Ali and I were the only ones to witness this event. In that moment, I realized why I was there and I had a choice to make. Did I stand safely on the shoreline and watch a young man die? Or, did I use what skill sets I had, and the knowledge from my previous experience with my brother to go out into the uncertainty of the water and rescue Antonio?

I went out into the water fully clothed with the Facebook post emerging in my mind as I swam towards him. ‘Why didn’t I read the rest of that Facebook post,’ I thought?

Even though the Facebook post and that childhood memory helped me understand what could happen, it still didn’t prepare me for the force I was about to encounter. When I reached Antonio, he jumped on top of me and was literally assaulting me, desperately trying to get out of the water. I found myself at the bottom of the lake being beaten and drowned by the young man I had come to help.

I got really angry and thought to myself, ‘This is not how I am suppose to die. I have things I have come to do yet!’ In order to save Antonio, I needed to save myself first.

Gaining clarity and getting angry probably saved my life because somehow I managed to get my head above water to breathe and wasn’t being pushed under as much. I could see Antonio’s terrified face now as he gripped his hand on my shoulder blade, still pushing me down into the water, trying to get himself out of it.

In between being pushed under water, I began to communicate with him. “Let go of me and I’ll take your hand,” I said to him as I looked him in the eye. I knew I had to disarm him with what was pushing me down. “Let go of me and I’ll take your hand.” He would not let go of me for what felt like an eternity. Eventually he did surrender and released me.

As promised, I took him by the wrist of the very hand that had been pushing down on me, and I began to swim with one arm as I pulled Antonio with the other, as he thrashed about behind me, the whole time making eye contact with him in hopes of getting him to thrash forward and not backwards.

I could hear Ali still screaming on the shore, calling out to my client.

This was not the best time to realize how out of shape I was. I was exhausted and felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere with my swimming. I didn’t think I could make it to the shore. Then I remembered, “ask for help!”

I meekly yelled out “God help me!” and a message immediately came, “put your foot down.” I put my foot down. My heart leaped because I had moved us just enough that I could touch bottom and stand. I stood up and pulled Antonio through the water and onto the shore, thankful to be alive. My client appeared as we made it to the shore, thinking the distant yelling was because we were having fun!

I whispered “thank you,” looking upward as I walked out of the lake.

I knew I had to own my own power and could no longer tell myself that I was small, insignificant, alone, and powerless. I had been busted by my very actions in the lake. I wasn’t small; I made a difference. Antonio and I were not alone out there, and I was powerful in my action.

That near-death experience in the lake changed my life, and was my wake-up call. It helped me realize I wasn’t valuing my own Super Powers of intuition, courage, faith, and deep inner strength that got me through that experience. In the past, I struggled to see myself beyond my perceptions of my own smallness, ran the gamut of owning my power, and have had to really work on seeing myself as my own Super Hero who dared to have heart and courage, and take action when it mattered most.

Upon reflection, all of these qualities can be found in my hands — literally — using Scientific Hand Analysis. It was as if I confronted my life lessons, found in my hands, of feeling small, alone, and powerless, and won on that day.

The experience inspired a deeper calling within me to make a more transformational difference in the world. To help others recognize that they too are far more courageous and capable of doing amazing things than they give themselves credit for. It’s not about running into a lake, unless that is what you are called to do, and more about knowing and using your gifts and talents to truly create a life you love.

You are the Hero You have been Waiting for

Why are we so obsessed with heroes coming to save us when that hero is actually us? Sharing my story, I realized there is an epidemic of people not owning their own gifts and talents, and are playing small. Very small. Everyone has their own unique Super Powers that only they have come to experience and share with the world. But, sometimes those gifts and talents get hidden away.

Your Super Powers could be: solving complex problems, running a successful business, being an inspirational author and speaker, baking the most delicious cheesecake, creating a community of loving connection, or countless other life purposes. It’s you. Being fully and authentically you.

My intention is to help you discover – and rediscover –  your gifts and talents, so you can unlock them and take back your own power. Using Scientific Hand Analysis, I help you identify your own Super Powers (your Life Purpose), as well as your kryptonite (your Life Lesson), so you can understand and embrace your unique soul design to become your own Super Hero.

Click here to learn more because you are meant to soar! (Super capes are optional.)

* The name has been changed.


Giving Back

Become Your Own Super Hero donates a portion of every sale to DonorsChoose.org to help support children’s education and the unsung Super Heroes – their teachers! Learn more about my inspiration on why I choose DonorsChoose.org.


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